Our Mission

The mission of the Kettle Falls Walleye Club shall be to educate, encourage and stimulate interest in angling for walleye and other spiny-ray species; to seek cooperation with all other organizations or agencies with similar objectives. Encourage observances and enforcement of game laws, encourage the conservation of all fishes and fight pollution in all waters.

About the Lake Roosevelt Walleye Fishing Club

The Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club has been in existence in Kettle Falls since 1995 and was registered that year with the State of Washington as a non-profit organization.

Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club - A Day of FishingWhen the club was founded it was known as the Kettle Falls Walleye Club. But after a few years the membership felt that the scope of the club was larger than Kettle Falls, and it was renamed the Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club in 1998. The club did not create the highly successful Washington State Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament, (a name that has been copy righted). They came into existence a year following the first tournament. The Washington State Governor’s Cup was the creation of Chris Sanders and the Kettle Falls Chamber of Commerce. The club has been in charge of hosting the annual event since 1997. Now it is hard to seperate the club from the tournament.

That first year, there were 76 teams participating, a success by any standard. Compared to subsequent years the scope of success for that first year holds out: In 2009, there were 88 teams, one year saw over 90 teams competing.

Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club - Kettle Falls, WAThe local tournament was patterned after the Governor’s Cup in Fort Peck, Montana. Competitors in that tournament have their fish measured out on the water by one of several official boats located around the lake. The Washington Governor’s Cup used to do it that way, but after urging from Walleyes Unlimited, a sports group that overseas fishing competitions, weighing the fish on land became the norm. In either case, once the weighing and/or measuring has taken place and pictures have been taken, all the walleye are released back into the water. During competition, the fish are held in “Live’ wells on the competitors boats. ‘Live’ wells, are holding tanks usually below the deck of the boat that can be filled via a pump with water from the lake. they have an aerator that keeps enough oxygen in the water to keep the fish alive.


Gerry Eickerman – 509.732.6219

Marvin O’Hearn – 509.680.3631

Ursula Andrews – 509.680.6181

Doug Eastwood – 509.738.2800

Board Members
Dusty Berg – 509.684.3103
Kent Dickinson – 509.738.6895
Clyde Reneman – 509.732.6679
Dennis Spaulding – 509.680.8536
Jim Tills – 509.680.4820

Tournament Director
Marvin O’Hearn – 509.680.3631

Jim Gleaton – 509.935.4580