The Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club regretfully announces the cancellation of this year’s Govenor’s Cup Tournament in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

General Overview

The Governor’s Cup Tournament Staff and Directors are pleased to Welcome you to our Annual Tournament.  June 26, 27 & 28, 2020

2020 Tournament Directors:
Clyde Renman, (509) 732-6679,
Marvin O’Hearn, (509) 680-3631,

  • The Washington Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament is a TWO PERSON TEAM event (limited to 125 teams).
  • Cash awards are presented on the basis of aggregate weight over the two days based on a total of six (6) fish per day.
  • Tournament will pay 10 places based on total weight.
  • Fishing is confined to a specific area in Lake Roosevelt. The area is large enough to give up to 125 teams plenty of space to fish.
  • The tournament is designed to minimize impacts on fisheries resources.
  • The Governor’s of all states are invited to participate or send a representative team.

Note: Teams wishing to represent their state should contact their governor for an appointment letter.If no team is appointed by a state’s governor, the Washington Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament Committee selects a team at random.

  • Registration deadline is 5:30 p.m. June 26, 2020
  • 2020 Governor’s Cup Tournament Application: Download the Application
  • 2020 Govenor’s Cup Tournament Rules & Regulations: Download Rules & Regulations
  • Representative teams need not pay the entry fee, but do not become eligible for cash awards if they do not.
  • The Governor’s Cup Trophy is awarded to the Governor of the state placing highest among these representative teams.
  • All boats must have had an invasive species inspection certificate or have been inspected at the WA border. We will have Park Ranger inspectors before and after the drivers meeting on Friday.

Tournament Entry Fee: $300
Heavy Stringer Fee: $75
Big Fish

Tournament Sponsors

2019 Results

Day 1 Big Fish:
Brett & William McKern
8.08 lbs.
James & Dillon Mareth
5.91 lbs.
Day 1 Heavy Stringers:
Brett & William McKern
18.77 lbs.
Brian Coe & Jeb Race
18.29 lbs.
James & Dillon Mareth
Day 2 Big Fish:
Brian Coe & Jeb Race
5.84 lbs.
Greg & Ken Loper
4.77 lbs.
Day 2 Heavy Stringers:
Brian Coe & Jeb Race
20.18 lbs.
Rick Sutherland & Tom Morrow
18.43 lbs.
Todd Priddy & Ron Charlton

15.60 lbs.

2020 Governors Cup Winners: Greg & Ken Lóper for the state of Idaho.